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If you thought you loved cheese boards, wait until you try a butter board! It's basically a charcuterie board but solely for creamy butter that you can top with anything and everything. It can be sweet or salty but of course we're combining both in this recipe. Picture a sweet and spicy honey garlic sauce with lots of parmesan dolloped on top of salted butter and then paired with crispy bread for the ultimate snack!


Super fluffy pumpkin muffins stuffed with a sweet cream cheese filling in the center! They taste like fall in a dessert and it’s unbelieveable how moist they turn out. The creaminess of the filling and the crunch from the pumpkin seeds is just the perfect combination of texture and flavors!


Harissa is a North African hot sauce/spread and being half Moroccan and half Libyan, I grew up putting it on everything and I mean everything! It’s so flavorful and adds a nice kick to so many dishes from sandwiches to eggs and even marinades. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this beautiful vibrant spicy red sauce so let’s do it!


The definition of a hug in a bowl is a hearty bowl of chili! The leftovers taste even better and it's so filling with the well-seasoned ground beef and beans. Enjoy with some chips, cheese, and sour cream for the best dinner experience ever.


The easiest dinner in under 30 minutes is creamy, garlicky shrimp scampi! It’s absolutely delicious over a bed of pasta or with some crispy bread to dip in.


Pigs in a blanket - the easiest snack that only requires 3 ingredients and everyone will love! They’re the perfect party food or a side dish on the dinner table that will be gone in seconds. Picture savory beef hot dogs wrapped in a blanket of fluffy buttery dough!


Harissa Honey Chicken is savory, sweet, and spicy all in one and it makes for the most delicious chicken to add to a mediterranean inspired rice bowl, salad, or even wrap! This recipe was inspired by a menu item at Cava but if you don’t live nearby one, you can now make it at home and even better.

Elote meets hot dogs in the most delicious fusion of flavors, making for the perfect barbecue recipe that everyone will love! It's bursting with smokey, sweet, and salty spice that is just too good.

Chipotle meets mac and cheese for the best combination of flavors that's smokey, cheesy, and oh so flavorful! The crispy cheese on top and the velvety creamy cheese sauce inside will have you going for the next bite without putting your fork down. It's the perfect fusion of flavors and with some chicken, this Mac and cheese is definitely a main, not side dish!

Pumpkin Pie meets Hawaiian Roll French Toast! We're taking the most popular breakfast recipe on the blog and making it fall edition. Your whole house will smell like a cozy pumpkin patch after whipping these up!

Halloumi meets French Fries in this crispy, cheesy snack that is just irresistibly good! This was inspired by a menu item at McDonald’s in the UK but since we’re not that special enough in the states to get it too, we’re going to make it at home and even better!

The easiest 10 minute noodles to make when you need a quick dinner that's so flavorful! Packed with garlic and chili, these noodles are just the best.

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Let’s learn how to make the best brown butter chocolate chip AND chunk cookies! They’re super chewy and perfectly crispy on the outside, everything you want in the ultimate thin cookie. The best part is no freezing necessary before baking!

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One of the things I miss most about NYC is the halal cart chicken and rice so let’s make it at home and even better! You’ll want to smother the white sauce over everything!

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Juicy chicken skewers that are "grilled" in the oven to perfection! The marinade is inspired by Moroccan chermoula which is typically made from garlic and fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley and spiced with cumin and paprika. They're so easy to make with no hassle of going outside to grill on the BBQ and no one will ever know.

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Hey guys! My name is Hajar Larbah and welcome to Moribyan! This is my blog where I love to share all my favorite recipes and lifestyle tips with you all. If I’m not cooking here, I’m either at Trader Joe’s, the gym, or eating a bagel.

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