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Your favorite strawberry crunch ice cream bar turned into a cookie! The cookie is perfectly moist with the most delicious cream cheese frosting and topped with a strawberry crunch we all know and love. If you like strawberry, you will LOVE these strawberry shortcake cookies for sure!


The crispiest garlicky butter parmesan fries made at home and even better! The fries have that perfect crispy exterior and the most fluffy potato texture on the inside. After fried to crispy golden perfection, they're tossed in a garlic and herb butter that is just too good not to lick the plate clean.


If you like peanut butter cups, you’re going to fall in love with the frozen yogurt version of the famous chocolate! Picture three layers: rich velvety chocolate, creamy sweet frozen yogurt, and nutty roasted peanut butter. They’re packed with protein and the perfect healthy sweet treat to meal prep and enjoy right out of the freezer!


The easiest drink to make in under 10 minutes and that looks just like a beautiful sunrise! This cocktail is perfect for a lover of tons of bright citrusy fruity flavors. So the next time you're having a dinner party, you got to add these sunrise cocktails to the menu!


Acai bowls are truly the breakfast of champs! The smoothie bowl is so thick and sweetened to perfection to fuel your morning in the most refreshing way. The best part is customizing the toppings to your liking with peanut butter, granola, fresh fruit, and chia seeds!


Magnolia Bakery's famous banana pudding made at home and even better! It's perfectly sweetened, super creamy, and always a crowd favorite. The best part is it's a no-bake dessert that comes together in less than an hour!


Juicy chicken skewers that are the perfect Middle-Eastern inspired barbecue for the whole family to enjoy! The Shish Tawook marinate is packed with fresh flavors from the garlic, yoghurt, and lemon juice but then it's warmed up with the sweetness of tomato and allspice. They're so easy and even if you don't have a BBQ to grill outside, you can make them in the oven or in a cast iron skillet grill pan!

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza at home and even better! This specialty item from Taco Bell was discontinued a while back and after so many fans were disappointed, they brought it back to the menu. But just in case it ever goes bye bye again, now you’ll know how to make your favorite takeaway!

Nothing says good morning like a delicious cup of coffee, that is until you’ve tried tiramisu overnight oats! It’s your caffeine fix, breakfast, and a sweet tooth cure all in one. If tiramisu is your favorite dessert, you’re going to go crazy for this recipe. So yes you can now have dessert for breakfast!

The most refreshing drink that’s fruity, sweet, and has the perfect caffeine kick from the green tea - it’s an iced strawberry matcha latte! It’s absolutely delicious and super easy to make so you can skip a trip to the boba shop and save your money.

Volcano Shrimp is literally exploding with flavor! There is no better way to enjoy shrimp than with a super crispy batter and a sweet & spicy buffalo glaze that we like to call volcano sauce because it's just so so tasty and bright orange/red in color. It's absolutely delicious served over a bed of rice and broccoli - it's the perfect bowl to enjoy for dinner.

The best way to upgrade any dumplings is to make them CRISPY CHEESE dumplings! They pack the most incredible crunch and the salty, umami taste of the cheese compliments the dumplings so well. You only need one ingredient and 10 minutes for this game-changing method to prepare your dumplings!

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Let’s learn how to make the best brown butter chocolate chip AND chunk cookies! They’re super chewy and perfectly crispy on the outside, everything you want in the ultimate thin cookie. The best part is no freezing necessary before baking!

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One of the things I miss most about NYC is the halal cart chicken and rice so let’s make it at home and even better! You’ll want to smother the white sauce over everything!

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Juicy chicken skewers that are "grilled" in the oven to perfection! The marinade is inspired by Moroccan chermoula which is typically made from garlic and fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley and spiced with cumin and paprika. They're so easy to make with no hassle of going outside to grill on the BBQ and no one will ever know.

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